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To help, please download the Muncie’s Rental Advocacy Book, The Renter’s Book, Providing Answers for Tenants and Landlords in Muncie, Indiana. Compiled by Ball State University in partnership with 8twelve Coalition.

Rental Advocate Volunteer Program Coming Soon!

Having rent or tenant issues?  Get the information and assistance you need from one of our rental advocate volunteers. Soon we will provide a form on this site that you can complete and submit for a rental advocate volunteer to assist you.    
Rental advocates cannot provide legal or emergency assistance.

Create a personalized budget

Ideal for first time home buyers

Set realistic financial goals

Improve your credit score

Financial assistance available

PathStone offers housing counseling in locations in New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Puerto Rico.  Services offered are pre and post home purchase education and counseling, rental counseling for tenants, landlord education as well as mortgage delinquency and default resolution counseling.   Through one-on-one counseling and education, you will gain life-long financial management skills including establishing and maintaining a budget, understanding credit, debt management and much more.  You will also gain knowledge on fair housing information, mortgage and other subsidy programs available and other rental counseling topics and programs


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